Our Top Rated Bissell Vacuum in 2020

Are you looking for a new and reliable vacuum cleaner? If so, you should check out Bissell as they stand as one of the best vacuum brands, offering a wide range of different vacuums to choose from.

Bissell has been around since the late 1800s and is now among the best choices when it comes to floor care products. They have everything from stick vacuums and uprights, to canister vacuum cleaners and handhelds, so it’ s only a matter of choosing what works the best for your household.

They are quite affordable and ideal for households with pets. However, choosing one out of many vacuums isn’t as simple. The search can become overwhelming especially when you see all the different models they offer.

We did some research to find the best Bissell vacuum, and since we couldn’t pinpoint one product, we’ve decided to include several. We’ll talk about their best uprights, robots, handhelds and some of their top pet hair cleaners so stay tuned.

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Top Bissell Vacuums

Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Vacuum

Bissell is all about being powerful and convenient, so it’s no surprise that the Featherweight is what many consider the best Bissell vacuum.

This Bissell vacuum is a versatile unit that combines three types of vacuums in one. With this one, you get a handle, stick and stair vacuums to choose from based on the area you’re cleaning.

The Bissell vacuum (featherweight) only weights 2.6 pounds, so it’s easy to carry around the house, and up and down the stairs. It also comes with a crevice tool to make stair and furniture cleaning much easier.

The Bissell Featherweight bagless vacuum is a powerful tool that’s ideal for cleaning sealed hard floors, countertops and low pile carpets.

This Bissell vacuum is one of the best choices if you have pets or children because it’s easy to clean one those dirty little spots they tend to make quite often. The vacuum comes with a 15ft cable.

bissell featherweight stick


  • Weights only 2.6 pounds
  • Versatile
  • Comes with crevice tool


  • Lightweight
  • Convertible
  • Bagless


  • No roller brush

Bissell Zing Bagless Canister, 2156A

This Bissell Zing canister vacuum looks a bit more like the standard vacuums we’re used to. However, the Bissell Zing canister vacuum is much more than that, as it offers powerful suction and unique versatility, which makes it one of the best bagless Bissell models.

Bissell Zing a bagless canister vacuum that has washable dirt cup filers along with a post-motor filter. These two help capture the finest dust and particles in your home. It’s among the best bagless choices for a house with kids, pets, and anyone who walks indoors with their shoes on.

Its cyclonic action and excellent suction of the bagless Bissell Zing model offer the best results with thorough cleaning on all kinds of surfaces. It’s ideal for cleaning both your carpets and hardwood floors with ease. Plus, this bagless canister vacuum is extra convenient since it doesn’t have any bags you’d have to empty in the middle of the process.

This canister vacuum comes with a 15ft cord and weights around 5 pounds which adds to the overall convenience.

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2156a vac


  • Washable Dirt Cup Filter
  • 15 ft Cord
  • 5 Pounds


  • Reusable filters
  • Adjustable suction
  • Canister vacuum suitable for hardwood and carpets


  • Not for high pile rugs

Bissell Cleanview Bagless 1831

The Bissell Cleanview series of vacuum cleaners has been a massive success since all the models are quite versatile and powerful. Still, the 1831 bagless vacuum cleaner stands out as one of the best models, due to its technology and filters.

This bagless vacuum features a One Pass Technology that works with the brand’s new brush design and powerful suction. This Bissell invention made it possible for the vacuum to clean most of the debris and dust on the initial pass.

It’s a powerful bagless  Bissell vacuum with a multi-cyclonic suction system. All of the collected debris and dirt either sticks to the filter or ends in the dust bin.

The multi-level filtration system of this Bissell vacuum captures most of the allergens and fine debris that could affect your health. All filters are washable.

The Bissell Cleanview 1831 bagless vacuum has a 13.5-inch cleaning path and comes with a 25ft power cord.

1831 vac cleaner


  • Multi-cyclonic suction system
  • 25-ft cord


  • Removable roller
  • Large capacity
  • Comes with several specialized tools


  • Long hair can clog it

Handheld Bissell Vacuums

These are small and compact which is why we call them handheld vacuums.  A handheld vacuum should be lightweight and easy to work with. In most cases, they’re bagless and possibly cordless as well.

It’s a cleaner most people use for spot cleaning on certain messy areas. It’s great if you have pets or small children that create a mess on carpets or furniture. When you don’t want to vacuum everything, just whip out your handy handheld vac.

Handheld is also great for vacuuming your car, but make sure to get the cordless one for this. Bissell has quite a number of these models for you to choose from.

Bissell Bolt Pet Cordless Handheld, 2133

Much like most of the Bissell’s vacuums, this one is ideal for pet owners. If you have a cat or a dog, you probably know of all the small and big mess they can make. Bolt Pet 2133 is the best Bissell vacuum for spot cleaning muddy paw prints or spilled dry food, according to many reviews.

Thanks to its 16 Volts lithium-ion battery, this Bissell vacuum offers powerful suction for about 25 minutes. Plus, the vacuum has a capacity of 0.6l and effective Bissell CleanTurn filtration system that helps get rid of fine dust and dirt when you empty the canister.

This Bissell vacuum also features a battery-power indicator that tells you when it’s time to recharge the tool. It’s a cordless vacuum, but charges on a cord charger. Also, it weighs only 2.7 pounds.



  • Cordless
  • Great for pets


  • Several attachments included
  • Large dust bin
  • Washable filter


  • No wall hanging bracket

Bisell Lightweight Cordless Hand Vac, 1985

If you’re looking for a small and compact vacuum to use in hard-to-reach areas, you might want to consider the 1985 hand vac. This Bissell vacuum is lightweight, powerful and the best for areas that are tight and tricky to reach.

The vacuum features the brand’s unique high-performance cordless technology which we’ve already seen in a couple of other vacuums. However, it comes with quite a few accessories, such as the crevice tool, that make spot cleaning easier.

This Bissell vacuum comes with a built-in extension hose that makes it easy to reach in between kitchen appliances and other furniture. It also features a powerful and motorized brush ideal for cleaning pet hair from upholstery and carpets.

The vacuum has a dirt cup capacity of 0.4L and a 22V Lithium-Ion battery that provides about 15 minutes of powerful suction.


  • Built-in extension
  • 3.9 pounds
  • 22V Lithium-ion battery


  • 3.9 pounds
  • Longer reach
  • Mess-free emptying


  • Motorized brush drains the battery

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

The Bissell Pet Eraser is among the most popular vacuums the company ever produced. The vacuum is compact and easy to use which might be the two most important things to look for in a handheld vac.

It has a 14V lithium-ion battery that provides about 17 minutes of run time. In that time, the Bissell vacuum works effectively to pick up all the small debris and fine dust from your stairs, car, upholstery and other small areas.

The Bissell triple-level filters are the best solution for allergy prone people and households with pets and small children. It provides an improved cleaning performance that’s always welcome in such homes.

Bissell Pet Eraser is larger than other handheld vacuum models, and it weighs 5.25 pounds. However, half of that is its big, easy-to-empty dust bin.

bissell pet hair eraser


  • 14V Lithium-ion battery
  • 5.25 pounds
  • Hand Vacuum


  • Improved filtration
  • Large dirt bin
  • Great for pet hair


  • The three filters are only available as a set

Upright Bissell Vacuums

Upright vacuums revolutionized the way we clean our homes by allowing us to move on from those big and bulky sweepers we all used to have.

These are upright or otherwise known as stick vacuums. It means the vac stands upright with all of its parts and components attached to the very stick of the vacuum. This allows you to push the entire vacuum in front of you as you’re cleaning, instead of pulling it as you would your old model.

In most cases, they are lightweight or should be because you’re supposed to push them. Some models are even convertible allowing you to detach a particular part and use the vac as a handheld.

Bissell Hard Floor Expert Corded Stick Vacuum

Bissell Hardfloor Expert bagless vacuum is quite unique as it has an innovative design that makes it easy to get to all the corners and hard-to-reach areas.

The cleaning foot of this bagless Bissell vacuum is V-shaped which helps get all the dust and debris that usually stay around the corners of our furniture. This design draws everything in its path right into the vacuum for more efficient performance.

This type of edge-to-edge cleaning is made even easier by the fact that the sweeper weighs only 7.5 pounds. The vacuum has a cord of 20 ft which adds to its overall convenience and maneuverability.

On top of that, the Bissell Bagless Cyclonic Filtration technology helps save money on bags and filters. It catches larger pieces of dirt, and it’s easy to empty.

This Bissell vacuum lacks a crevice tool and similar attachments, and it’s only recommended for hardwood floors. Its powerful suction will make it quite hard to vacuum carpets.

bissell hard floor expert stick vacuum


  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Bagless Cyclonic Filtration technology
  • 20 ft cord


  • Long power cord
  • Soft roller wheels & bagless filters
  • Easy to store


  • Not for carpets

Bissell BigGreen Commercial PowerForce

If you have large areas to vacuum, you might want to consider a commercial model such as the Bissell BigGreen PowerForce vacuum.

It’s not too large and inconvenient to use at home as you would imagine a commercial vacuum to be. This one has a 13’’ wide cleaning path, and it weighs 12 pounds which isn’t that heavy, and you’ll still be able to use it with ease.

What makes this Bissell vacuum stand out are its 10Amp motor and 30ft cord. The motor provides powerful suction that doesn’t fade after a long time of using the sweeper.

Plus, the Bissell vacuum comes with a few attachments such as a crevice tool, dust brush/upholstery tool, and an extension wand. All of these accessories store in the back of the vacuum.

The 3-level filters make sure all dust and debris end up in its 0.5 ounces canister. The Bissell BigGreen PowerForce is approximately 44 inches tall.

BigGreen Commercial


  • 10 amp motor
  • 30 ft cord


  • Powerful
  • Wide cleaning path
  • Comes with a few attachments, such as the crevice tool


  • Wheels might go loose

Bissell BigGreen Commercial BG102 ProShake

Bissell ProShake vacuum is another powerful commercial vacuum from their BigGreen series. The vacuum is on a slightly heavier side but it also offers more power, so the added weight is understandable.

This Bissell vacuum comes with an 870-watt motor that makes it easy to vacuum all kinds of carpets and floors. The 16’’ cleaning path gets everything on its way, so it’s among the best options for large families and households.

Bissell ProShake vacuum has a comfortable grip which makes the cleaning process a bit easier. However, its stand-out feature is probably the magnet bar that prevents small metal objects such as staples from going into the motor.

Its adjustable head has six height positions for different types of floors. This Bissell vacuum comes with a 50ft power cord and 1oz bag capacity. The entire vacuum has about 47 inches in height and is quite easy to use thanks to the pivoting head.


  • 870-watt motor
  • 50 ft cord


  • Adjustable head
  • Can collect metal objects
  • Reusable Bag


  • A bit heavy

Robot Bissell Vacuums

Robot vacuums are a relatively new invention that many brands already decided to pick up. Bissell didn’t stay behind and had come up with several models as well.

These vacuums don’t need your assistance, so they’re the best if you work long hours or you just hate vacuum cleaning. Such vacuum has intelligent programming and can be pre-set to start and finish at a certain time.

As time went on, brands improved the technology of these robots. Now we have vacs that go back to their charging station and have sensors that help them avoid stairs or other restricted areas.

Bissell SmartClean Robot, 1974

This convenient Bissell robot vacuum has a triple-action cleaning system that includes a brush roll, dual-edge brushes, and powerful suction. The combination helps pick up pet hair, dirt, and debris from the corners and edges.

The vacuum is powered by a lithium-ion battery that provides about 80 minutes of runtime on a hard surface. Brushroll and several other features might reduce its runtime a bit.

What’s great is that this Bissell vacuum self-adjusts to all surfaces such as laminate, carpet, hardwood, and tiles. It’s an intelligent robot vacuum that knows when it’s about to run out of battery. It then docks and recharges on its own.

For extra convenience, you can pre-schedule its SmartClean mode, so the vacuum works when you’re away. Its Cliff detection feature helps it avoid stairs and other similarly dangerous areas. This Bissell robot vacuum is also able to run concentrated cleaning in high-traffic parts of your home.

smartclean robot 1974


  • 80 min runtime
  • Self adjusts to all surfaces


  • Completely automatic
  • Multi-surface adaptability
  • Fits under furniture


  • Quite loud

BISSELL EV675 Robotic Cleaner, 2503

EV675 is among Bissell’s latest vacuums, so it features a more modern design and a few improved features and technologies.

This vacuum also features the well-known Bissell Triple-Action Cleaning system consisting of a rotating brush roll, dual-edge brushes, and powerful suction. Its low-profile body makes it ideal to sneak under all furniture and get the concentrated dust from there.

You can schedule its cleaning to when it’s the most convenient for you. Since the vacuum is entirely automatic, it doesn’t really need you for anything but to empty the bin once it’s full.

Its smart sensors detect stairs and other areas that it could fall from. The sensors also detect when the battery is low, so the vacuum returns to the charging station. This Bissell vacuum is able to adjust to all kinds of floors and has a total runtime of 100 minutes.

EV675 robotic cleaner


  • Total runtime 100 minutes
  • Low battery detection


  • Consistent suction power
  • Always ready
  • Programmable


  • Small bin

Bissell SmartClean 1605

At first glance, this one looks very similar to the Bissell SmartClean 1974 we mentioned above. It’s because they’re from the same series, but don’t let the looks deceive you because these two have a few differences.

The Triple Action Cleaning system is something all Bissell robot vacuums share, so this one has it too. The system is actually a combination of powerful suction and dual-edge brushes.

This vacuum comes with a lithium-ion battery that provides lasting and powerful performance. Its total runtime is about 1.5 hours on a full charge depending on the features you use.

The vacuum adjusts to all types of floors so you can use it on hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpets. It’s also able to detect when it’s about to run out of battery. It might rotate for a few times as it tries to find the shortest path to the charging dock.


  • 1.5 hours runtime
  • Adjusts to all floors


  • Fits under furniture
  • Self-adjusting
  • Longer runtime


  • No remote included

Bissell Vacuums for Pet Hair

Pet hair vacuums are special sweepers that can pick up even the most persistent hair that your pet shreds daily. Some cleaners can pick up only short hair while others can get even the longest or both.

In most cases, these look like traditional upright vacuums when you first look at them. However, they tend to have higher suction power and specialized brushes that help pick up the hairs.

Pet hair vacuums are almost a specialty of Bissell. The brand is well-known for their Pet hair vacs although most of their models are quite good at picking hair as it is.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro, 2306A

The Bissell Pet Pro 2306A upright vacuum is unique as it’s a 2in1 tool that vacuums and also washes your floors at the same time.

The Bissell vacuum cleaner has a multi-surface brush roll along with a hair strainer. These two work together to pick up even the most persistent hair regardless of the surface. The technology works well on both hard floors and carpets.

The multi-surface brush roll of this upright vacuum uses a nylon and microfiber brush to mop the floor and give it a nice shine. You get a specialized pet cleaning solution to help you clean the dirty areas and eliminate animal odors.

This upright Bissell vacuum weighs 11.5 pounds, has a 28oz tank capacity and comes with a 25ft cable. The two-tank system keeps dirty water separated from the clean, so there’s no chance of dirt spots. The upright has a filter on the dirty water tank that you should clean regularly.

2306a cleaner


  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • 28 oz tank capacity
  • 25 ft cable


  • Picks up all hair
  • Eliminates animal odors
  • Has swivel steering


  • The filter needs frequent cleaning

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A

Pet Hair Eraser 1650A is an upright version of the handheld vacuum we mentioned earlier. As an upright, this one has a bit more power and is more versatile.

This upright comes with a tangle-free brush roll and a few other specialized tools that remove embedded hair from your carpets. Some of the included tools are a turboeraser tool and a 2in1 brush.

The upright has an 8.5Amp motor and a cleaning path of 12.37 inches. Hose length is 8ft which is enough to reach most areas that are hard to get to.

The suction channel technology allows edge-to-edge cleaning, so you’re able to get around furniture and other tricky parts. Plus, the swivel steering of this upright makes it that much easier to maneuver with.

This Bissell upright vacuum comes with a 1.5l cup capacity and a power cord of 30 feet. It also has five different floor height adjustments.

1650a upright vac


  • 8.5 amp motor
  • 30 ft cord


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Has SmartSeal Allergen System


  • Has to be cleaned often

Bissell CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Upright

This upright vacuum is a part of the brand’s CleanView series but is specially made to tackle the persistent pet hair.

The manufacturer combined their scatter-free technology with a triple-action brush roll to achieve the most effective cleaning of pet hair. Swivel steering of this upright makes it easy to work with around furniture and other obstacles.

The upright has a 27’ power cord that rewinds automatically, so you no longer have to wrap it yourself. It helps with storage and overall ease of use.

Another feature worth noting from this upright Bissell vacuum is the edge-to-edge cleaning that will pick up the dust, debris, hair, and allergens even from the corners. This upright Bissell vacuum cleaner comes with a pet hair corner tool and a turboeraser tool that lifts hair from upholstery, stairs, carpets, etc.

bissell cleanview rewind pet upright


  • Pet hair corner tool
  • Swivel steering


  • Easy to store
  • Multi-cyclonic suction system
  • Specialized pet tools


  • It might be heavy for some

Who Makes Bissell Vacuums?

Bissell Homecare is a manufacturing corporation that makes vacuums and floor care products. It’s headquartered in Walker, Michigan and is the best-selling brand of such products in North America.

It was founded by Melville Bissell who developed an early sweeping machine for personal use. In 1876, he patented the device as the Bissell Carpet Sweeper.

In 1883, Bissell built their first manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids. In 1890, the company was already producing about a thousand sweepers a day.

When Melville died in 1889, his wife Anna took over the leadership of the company. They have since then expanded from making mechanical sweepers to carpet shampooers and vacuums.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we helped you to learn a little about Bissell and some of their most popular vacuums. The brand has been around for so long that their quality is no longer a question. Their products are reliable, and there’s one for everyone.

If you’re looking to buy a new Bissell vacuum cleaner, whether it be a canister vacuum, a handheld, or a stick, consider one of the models we’ve discussed above. These are the best-selling devices that Bissell produced over the years. Some are more powerful than others, but they’re all easy to use.

Think about your needs and preferences to see which one of these products would fit your household the most, and which one would be the best Bissell vacuum for you personally.

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