The 15 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for Your Home

Do you remember the first vacuum cleaner that you purchased for your home? It was probably a heavy and bulky one that wasn’t the easiest to use.

Luckily, the technologies have improved and advanced, so the market is now packed with lightweight vacuums that are more convenient than ever.

Naturally, we’re more attracted to small and compact gadgets and units. This is one of the main reasons why people look for smaller cleaners. They’re typically more comfortable to use and store away than the big, bulky vacs we all had before.

The weight and size of a vacuum cleaner dictate a lot of things from portability and mobility to overall usability. However, even lightweight vacs differ when it comes to other specifications.

In most cases, stick and robots are the lightest, while an upright and canister vacuum tends to weigh somewhat more. Read below about some of the most lightweight vacuums and how to choose the best lightweight vacuum for you.

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Product NameWeightCord Length/RuntimeDust Cup Capacity
Eureka NES210 Lightweight Handheld Vacuum3.2 lbs18 ft0.55 l
Eureka NEU180B10 lbs25 ft2.6 l
ONSON Cordless Powerful Lightweight3.08 lbs20-40 min0.55 l
Eureka NEU1007.7 lbs18 ft1.7 l
Eureka NEU182A10 lbs25 ft4.1 l
Bissell Featherweight Lightweight Bagless Vacuum3 lbs15 ft0.67 l
MOOSOO Cordless Powerful Suction Handheld3.3 lbs30-45 minN/A
SOWTECH Rechargeable Lightweight4.06 lbs40+ minN/A
SharkNinja Rocket Ultra-light Stick Vacuum7 lbs25 ft0.42 GAL
Dyson V7 Animal5.28 lbsup to 30 min0.14 GAL
Dyson Cyclone V105.88 lbsup to 60 min0.77 l
Black + Decker HHVI315JO422.11 lbsN/A31.8 oz
Black + Decker Ultra Light Weight8.8 lbs20 ft2 l
Dibea E19 Lightweight Cordless2.97 lbs20-30 min550 ml
Dirt Devil Simpli Stik lightweight3.74 lbsN/A0.35 l

Top Rated Lightweight Vacuum Reviews

Eureka NES210 Lightweight Handheld Vacuum

The NES210 weighs only 3.97 pounds which is quite lightweight for a vacuum cleaner with such a set of features. It’s a unique design that allows you to use the vac as a handheld as well.

It features the brand’s signature swivel steering for improved mobility and efficiency regardless of the floor surface.

Its capture nozzle is somewhat larger compared to what’s found on other stick vacs. It picks up larger debris without pushing them around as some vacs do. For this reason, the NES210 is ideal for area rugs, hard floors, and low-pile carpets.

It comes with a powerful 2-amp motor that picks up pollen, dust, and other such particles. Also, it features a washable filtration system for improved air quality.

The vac comes with an 18’ power cord and an extra-large dust cup for more convenient use.

Eureka NES210 Lightweight Handheld Vacuum


  • Power Cord: 18 ft
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs 
  • Power: 2 Amps


  • Washable filters
  • Less than four pounds
  • Convertible


• Not for thick carpets

Eureka NEU180B

Uprights are almost always heavy due to their somewhat bulky design. However, this Eureka upright is an exception since it weighs less than 10 pounds, which is quite lightweight for this type of vacs.

This one has five height adjustment settings allowing you to clean different floor surfaces with ease. It performs well on carpets, bare floors, tile, hardwood, and area rugs.

It’s a bagless vacuum cleaner that comes with a 2.6l dust cup that requires less frequent emptying. The dust cup is transparent so you can see when it’s full.

It comes with a few accessories including an extra-long crevice tool, upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. These can all be stored onboard so that they’re always within reach.

The vac doesn’t require much maintenance except an occasional rinse of the filters and emptying the dust cup.

Eureka NEU180B


  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Cleaning Path: 12.6 in


• 25ft long power cord
• 12.6’’ cleaning path
• Lightweight for an upright


• A bit difficult to push on thick carpets

ONSON Cordless Powerful Lightweight

If you’re looking for a slim and lightweight vacuum cleaner, you might want to consider this Onson stick vacuum. It’s among the most compact vacuum cleaners on the market that is easy to use and store away.

This one is quiet as it operates on lower frequencies than most vacuum cleaners. It’s not as noisy as most vacuums, so you can use it freely and at any time.

In Max mode, the vac sports powerful 150-watt suction that picks up dust with ease. Keep in mind that because it’s a cordless vacuum cleaner, the Max mode reduces its overall runtime.

It weighs less than 4.85 pounds for easier cleaning for all sorts of floors. It also converts into a handheld, making it easier to clean stairs and upholstery. The package includes a dusting brush, sweeping brush, crevice tool, and a charging adapter.

ONSON Cordless Powerful Lightweight


  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Charging Time : 4-5 h
  • Runtime: 20-40 min


• Five height adjustment settings
• Convertible design
• Cordless and bagless


  • The tools feel flimsy

Eureka NEU100

This Eureka vacuum cleaner is another excellent option if you’re looking for a lightweight upright vac. It weighs only 7.7 pounds allowing easier maneuverability around different obstacles and stairs.

The NEU100 features a quick-release handle that provides effortless above-floor cleaning. For this, you should use its dusting brush and crevice tool that is ideal for cleaning windows, upholstery, and other such areas.

It has a 10.5’’ wide cleaning path and an 18ft long power cord. Also, its hose reaches up to 6.8ft once it’s extended.

This one is bagless, much like most Eureka’s upright vacuum cleaners. It comes with a 1.7l dust cup that’s transparent and easy to empty. It’s a one-press design allowing you to empty the cup contents into your trash with ease.

Eureka NEU100


  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Suction Power: 6 amp
  • Cord Length: 18 ft


• Lightweight design
• Suitable for above-floor cleaning
• Large dust cup


• A bit noisy

Eureka NEU182A

The NEU182A is another upright vac by Eureka that’s among the lightest vacuums on the market. It’s a powerful vacuum that weighs only 10 pounds, which is quite lightweight for uprights.

It has a dynamic motor and a brush roll that’s efficient at picking up heavy and stubborn debris and dust. It has a 12.6’’ wide nozzle that helps clean more on an initial pass.

The vacuum cleaner is quite easy to maneuver with because it’s as lightweight. It also has five height adjustments that make it easier to clean carpets, bare floors, shag rugs, and tile. On top of that, it has smooth wheels that help mobility without damaging any floor surface.

It’s a bagless design with a 4.1l dust cup that’s easy to empty. Also, the package includes a crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and stretch hose.

Eureka NEU182A


  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Nozzle Width: 12.6 in
  • Cord Length: 25 ft


• Height adjustment settings
• Large dust cup
• Easy to maneuver with


  • It tends to tip over

Bissell Featherweight Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Bissell is among the most versatile brands with a wide range of lightweight vacuums. The Featherweight is among the most popular vacuum cleaners from the brand thanks to its weight and ease of use.

It’s a powerful vacuum cleaner that’s convenient and hassle-free. Its strong suction makes the vac ideal for quick pick-ups regardless of the floor surface. It’s much easier to use for spot cleaning than those big and bulky vacs we had in the past.

This one is a convertible, so you can use it as a handheld as well. This makes it easier to clean above-floor surfaces, car interiors, and other such areas. It comes with a crevice tool and a floor nozzle for furniture and stairs.

It’s a bagless vacuum cleaner with a 0.67l dust cup and a 15ft power cord.

Bissell Featherweight Lightweight Bagless Vacuum


  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Cord Length: 15 ft
  • Filtration: Standard


• It weighs 3 pounds
• For different floors
• Converts into handheld


  • Smaller dust cup

MOOSOO Cordless Powerful Suction Handheld

This cordless vac is an updated version of the brand’s previous model. This one has some 30-45 minutes of runtime, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning. Its 120-watt motor provides strong suction while remaining quiet.

The vacuum performs well on carpets, hard floors, upholstery, stairs, curtains, and other such areas.

This one has Cyclone and HEPA filtration that creates a high-speed rotating airflow which removes particles and dust from the air. Its HEPA filter is washable and reusable.

You can choose between two adjustable modes depending on the floor surface you’re cleaning and the type of mess you’re dealing with. The vacuum cleaner weighs 3.3 pounds and has a removable battery that takes about five hours to recharge.

MOOSOO Cordless Powerful Suction Handheld


  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Running Time: 30-45 min
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh


• Motorized floor brush
• Converts into handheld
• Washable filters


  • Smaller capacity

SOWTECH Rechargeable Lightweight

This lightweight stick features Pro-Cyclone system that provides continuous suction. It’s efficient in picking up mites, paper debris, dust, and dirt. Its five-stage filtration then separates up to 99% of what you vacuumed.

The vacuum comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for about 40 minutes, which is usually enough for your home or apartment.

It weighs a little over 4 pounds, so it’s easy to use across large areas and above-floor surfaces. Another thing worth mentioning is its stainless steel filter that’s washable and reusable. It’s a durable solution that’s also more cost-effective.

This stick vacuum cleaner is quiet and ideal for noise-sensitive people. This allows you to use the vac at nighttime as well as during the day. It comes with a square brush, mattress tool, floor brush, extension pipes, and a crevice tool.

SOWTECH Rechargeable Lightweight


  • Weight: 4.06 lbs
  • Running Time: 40+ min
  • Noise Level: Less Than 75dB


• Works as a handheld
• Reusable filter
• Up to 40 minutes of runtime


  • Small dust cup capacity

SharkNinja Rocket Ultra-light Stick Vacuum

Shark is among the most popular brands for several reasons. It offers a wide range of different vacuum cleaners, and it’s one of the most versatile names on the market.

Its Rocket stick vacuum is known never to lose suction or power. It’s an impressive vacuum cleaner that’s ideal for different floors and types of dirt. On top of that, it has swivel steering, so it’s easy to maneuver with.

This one weighs only 7 pounds and is equally as impressive on carpets as it is on bare floors. It sports 4.2Amps and 500Watts offering plenty of power and undying suction.

It converts into a handheld, so it’s easier to use on stairs and other floors. Also, it’s a corded vacuum cleaner with some 25ft of cable. It’s also important to note that this Shark is bagless and has a dust cup of 0.45l.

SharkNinja Rocket Ultra-light Stick Vacuum


  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Cord Length: 25 ft
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.45 l


• Lightweight
• No Loss of Suction Technology
• Floor to ceiling cleaning


  • Flimsy plastic parts

Dyson V7 Animal

The V7 is among the best lightweight options for people who have pets and need a convenient vacuum cleaner. It’s cordless, hassle-free, and versatile to tackle different messes throughout your home/apartment.

The vacuum comes packed with different accessories such as a mini motorized tool, Flexi crevice tool, combination tool, stubborn dirt brush, crevice tool, Direct Drive cleaner head, and a docking station.

It’s battery-operated, offering up to 30 minutes of runtime. However, this varies depending on power mode and attachments you use.

The vac converts into handheld, allowing easier spot-cleaning and quicker cleanups. It’s much stronger than the previous Dyson vacuum, so it’s great for picking up stubborn pet hair, kibble, litter, and other such particles.

This one is bagless, and it comes with a dirt cup that’s easy to empty. It weighs 11 pounds.

Dyson V7 Animal


  • Weight: 5.28 lbs
  • Runtime: up to 30 min
  • Bin Volume: 0.14 GAL


• Versatile cleaning
• Extended battery life
• Great for pets


  • It takes more than three hours to recharge

Dyson Cyclone V10

This Dyson model offers up to 60 minutes of runtime if you’re using a non-motorized tool. It comes with Cyclone technology featuring 14 cyclones that enhance its performance and efficiency.

It features a whole-machine filtrations system that ensures all the dust and allergens are trapped inside the vacuum. This way, it expels only clean air back into your breathing space.

The V10 requires some 3.5 hours to recharge after which you get 40 minutes of runtime. That time is reduced to 20 minutes if you use the Suction mode II and the Torque Drive Cleaner Head.

It weighs less than 6 pounds, and it’s both cordless and bagless. It has a transparent dust cup that’s easy to empty and suitable for allergy-prone people. This one also converts into a handheld for easier above-floor cleaning.

Dyson Cyclone V10


  • Weight: 5.88 lbs
  • Runtime: up to 60 min
  • Bin Size: 77 l


• Lightweight
• Convertible
• Reliable filtration


  • The batteries are sealed

Black + Decker HHVI315JO42

If you already have a powerful full-sized vac, and you want something for spot-cleaning, you should check out this Black+Decker vacuum. It’s a handheld vacuum that’s simple to use any time you have to pick up small piles of different messes.

It features Lithium technology for strong and continuous suction. It weighs only 2.11 pounds and has a wide range of accessories included in the package. You get a jack plug charger, wall mount, push-in brush, and a push-in crevice tool.

Its increased bowl capacity and efficient filters help pick up and trap even the most persistent dirt like pet hair, sand, allergens, and different particles.

The one is ideal for cleaning small piles of dirt on different floors and above-floor surfaces. It’s portable, cordless and has a battery that’s quick to recharge.

Black + Decker HHVI315JO42


  • Weight: 2.11 lbs
  • Runtime: up to 60 min
  • Power Rating: 10.8


• Small and compact
• Strong suction
• Several attachments


  • Short battery life

Black + Decker Ultra Light Weight

If you’re looking for a powerful and lightweight upright, you might want to check out this ultra light model by Black + Decker. It weighs only 8.8 pounds and is easy to maneuver with across different surfaces.

The vacuum comes with swivel steering that makes it much easier to handle and avoid obstacles and furniture. Because it’s as lightweight, you probably won’t struggle with carrying it around or storing it away.

It’s a bagless design that features a 2l dust cup. It’s easy to empty, and it’s transparent so you can see when it’s full and requires emptying.

This one comes with a crevice tool, small brush, pet hair tool, and a pet hair brush attachment. It’s a corded vac that comes with a 25ft cord and a 6.5ft hose.

Black + Decker Ultra Light Weight


  • Weight: 8.8 lbs
  • Cord Length: 20 ft
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited


• Washable filters
• Ergonomic handle
• 12-inch cleaning path


  • Emptying isn’t safe for allergy-prone people

Dibea E19 Lightweight Cordless

This Dibea vacuum looks modern and is easy to use. It has dual motors as well as cyclone technology, allowing you to pick up even the most persistent dust particles and pet hair.

It features a 22.2V 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery with some 45 minutes of runtime in regular mode. It has two modes allowing multi-surface cleaning.

Its lay-flat design features a flexible motorized brush which allows the vacuum to swivel around and under furniture. On top of that, this one has four sets of LED lights, helping you clean corners and other dark areas.

The cleaner has two different roller bars; one of which is suitable for carpets, and the other for hard floors and other bare floors. This one weighs 2.86 pounds and has a dust cup that’s transparent and easy to empty.

Dibea E19 Lightweight Cordless


  • Weight: 2.97 lbs
  • Runtime: 20-30 min
  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 550 ml


• Battery indicators
• 4-level filtration
• LED lights


  • Replacement parts aren’t as easy to find

Dirt Devil Simpli Stik lightweight

This simple stick vacuum is designed to transform into a handheld vac. It’s easy to use and has a dust cup capacity of 0.35 liters.

It weighs only 3.75 pounds and is easy to use and store away. Due to its weight, the unit is ideal for spot-cleaning, above-floor surfaces, and quick cleanups. It provides continuous suction that’s powerful enough to pick up most dirt pieces.

The Simpli Stik comes with a crevice tool combo allowing you to tackle hard-to-reach and tight areas in your home. Also, its filter is easily accessible for maintenance and washing. Use clean water to rinse the filter, but make sure to let it air dry for at least 24h before the next use.

Though it doesn’t come with any special features and plenty of attachments, the vac is ideal for simple cleanups and maintenance of different floor surfaces.

Dirt Devil Simpli Stik lightweight


  • Weight: 3.74 lbs
  • Assembled Unit Height: 42.91 in
  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 0.35 l


• Lightweight
• Minimal maintenance
• Works as a handheld


  • Lacks popular accessories

Why Buy a Lightweight Vacuum?


Lightweight vacuum cleaners are typically quite easy to use. Since these vacuum cleaners aren’t as heavy and bulky, you probably won’t have any issues using and storing them.

In most cases, these are compact and weigh less than ten pounds, depending on the particular type of the vac you chose.

These are easier to use in your home or apartment, especially if you have stairs. They’re easy to maneuver with and won’t leave your arms sore after extended periods. Their weight allows you to carry them from one room to another and up and down the stairs with ease.

The ease of use is a huge factor when choosing the best lightweight cleaner.


Lightweight vacuums are almost always small and compact. Even if you choose a canister vacuum; if it’s lightweight, it’s probably also easy to store away.

In most cases, a lightweight model is either a stick vacuum or a handheld, with a few exceptions of an upright and canister vacuum. These are all quite easy to store away because they don’t take up much space.

In some cases, these appliances come with wall mounts or special storage docks, allowing even more convenient storage solutions. A lightweight vacuum is easy to store in the corners of laundry rooms and closets just as well.


Heavy vacuum cleaners can be difficult to use regardless of their features and functions. Its weight tends to present a problem for the elderly.

A more lightweight option might be a good idea since it’s easier to use and store away as we explained. Vacuums that weigh from 2 to 10 pounds are much easier to use than those weighing up to 20 pounds in total.

These lightweight vacuums for the elderly are more convenient, as they’re easier to maneuver with and operate across large areas. It’s worth considering, especially if you have stairs and several different floor surfaces.

Buyer’s Guide


Weight is a huge factor you should consider when buying the best lightweight cleaner. Though other things are quite important as well, you might not be able to use them if your vac is too heavy.

We all know how vacs used to be before; too heavy, and quite bulky. Nowadays, more convenient options are available in vacs that weigh as little as 5 pounds.

Lightweight vacuums are typically easier to maneuver with especially for elderly people. People with certain disabilities might also benefit from a more lightweight model.

However, the weight has a lot to do with the overall efficiency of the unit. In other words, some vacs, like most uprights, have to be heavy in order to perform well.

Luckily, the market offers plenty of options, so lightweight vacuum cleaners are easy to find. Keep in mind that weight is crucial, but also make sure to consider other factors as well.


As you probably noticed, most industry-leading brands offer a wide range of different vacs. They differ in features, specifications, weight, size, and capacity.

Think about the size of your home, and how often you have to vacuum the floors. Once you figure this out, it will be easier for you to decide for a size.

Lightweight cleaners are usually smaller and slimmer than those that are heavier. For this reason, most lightweight vacuums are cordless sticks and handhelds.

Those that are smaller are also easier to store away, which is essential to consider if storage space is something you typically struggle with.

On another note, bigger vacuum cleaners tend to have bigger dust cups and bags, allowing less frequent emptying. However, they’re also almost always trickier to maneuver with than those that are small and lightweight.


Suction is the main specification you should consider. While weight, size, and other specs are important, suction is what gets the job done, so make sure not to overlook it.

It’s important to note that suction doesn’t have much to do with size or any other specification. In other words, both heavy and lightweight vacuums can have strong suction regardless of how big they are.

Suction is especially critical if you have pets or you’re prone to allergies. Small particles like pet hair, dust, and sand are quite tricky to pick up from thick carpets, which is where strong suction comes into play.

Still, even though it’s important, suction can sometimes make the cleaner challenging to maneuver with. Precisely, a vac with strong suction should also have height adjustment settings allowing you to adapt it to different floor surfaces.

Without such function, its strong suction might just pull the rugs or get stuck in thick carpets.


Cordless vacuum is often a more popular choice than those with a cord. Most people find it more convenient and more comfortable to use since there’s no hassle of trying to store the cable away.

Whether a cordless vacuum is a better option for you depends entirely up to you. These appliances are battery-operated, which means they don’t require a power cord or sockets in order for them to work.

However, these batteries don’t last forever, meaning you’ll have to recharge them after each use. Also, some units have a shorter battery life than others, so think about what would work the best for you.

As you noticed, lightweight vacuums can be both corded and battery-operated. Those that are cordless offer different runtime that varies, depending on the tools and suction modes you use.

Cordless vacuums might be the best lightweight options for smaller houses/apartments and spot cleaning. Still, it all depends on your needs and preferences.


Bagless vacuums are a more eco-friendly option that’s also more cost-effective. In other words, you won’t have to spend additional money on bags you’d then throw away.

These vacuums feature dust canisters that differ in size. Larger cleaners typically have bigger dust cups, while those that are smaller tend to feature smaller dust cups.

Some cleaners have light indicators that alert you when the bin is full and requires emptying. These are typically simple to empty with a simple push of a button. Just place them above your trash can and discard the dust cup contents.

Those that don’t have a light indicator are usually transparent, so you can see when it’s time to empty them.

One thing you should keep in mind is that bagless vacs might not be the best for allergy-prone people. Emptying the dust bin contents is simple, but some dust and particles might go back into your breathing space during the process.


A reliable filtration system is critical, especially if you’re prone to some allergies. A reliable filter traps even the tiniest dust particles inside the unit, expelling only clean air back into the room.

You’ve probably heard of HEPA filters that are still among the most reliable and efficient solution for allergy-prone people.

Brands tend to use different filters, so you can find reusable and washable, as well as replaceable filters. Reusable ones are more eco-friendly and cost-effective. In most cases, they’re easy to wash and air dry, although that shouldn’t be something you have to do as often.

Sealed and multi-level filtration systems are also worth considering since they do an excellent job of keeping all the allergens inside the unit.

Keep in mind that if you’re opting for reusable and washable filters, you should make sure that they’re easily accessible for maintenance.

Canister Capacity

Canister capacity is vital if you’re looking for a bagless unit. There’s no saying which size is the best since it mostly depends on your needs and preferences.

As you noticed, lightweight vacuums are usually more compact and tend to have smaller canisters. Those that are bigger usually come with bigger canisters.

However, most vacuums feature canisters that are enough for medium-size homes or apartments. This also largely depends on how often you clean and whether you have pets.

If you have pets and you only vacuum once a week, you’ll maybe have to empty the canister once or twice during the cleaning process. Still, most lightweight vacs have easy-to-empty dust cups, so that shouldn’t present a problem.

It’s not as easy to find a lightweight and compact cleaner that has a large canister capacity. Also, those that are handheld tend to have the smallest capacity while uprights have the biggest dust cups.


Some attachments are more popular than others, but you should consider which ones you need the most. The lack of a useful accessory could make the cleaning process quite tricky if it’s the accessory you’d otherwise use quite often.

Lightweight vacs are versatile when it comes to attachments. In other words, you can find units packed with accessories as well as those that don’t come with any. Either way, they can be good cleaners if in the right hands.

The most popular attachments are the crevice tool, dusting brush, pet tool, upholstery tool, car interior kit, and other such items. Other, more high-end accessories include motorized brushes and multi-surface tools.

While some might make your cleaning experience much easier, others could be totally useless to you. Since it all depends on your needs, make sure to consider them prior purchase. Also, keep in mind that motorized tools affect the battery life of a cordless vacuum cleaner.


Warranty differs from one manufacturer to another but tends to say a lot about the overall reliability of the unit.

Most high-end models come with warranty deals that last for five or seven years. In other cases, brands offer warranty deals that last one to three years.

Keep in mind that it’s not all about the length of the warranty. For example, a deal might last ten years but cover pretty much nothing other than defective manufacturing. On another note, a one-year warranty might be short but cover more than just materials and construction.

In most cases, warranties are limited. They don’t cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, weather conditions, and other such situations.

Pay attention to shipping costs as well, since, for the manufacturer to fix an issue, you’d probably have to ship the broken part/component.


Lightweight vacuum cleaners aren’t always the most affordable ones even though they’re compact and slim. They’re more convenient and as such tend to cost quite a lot.

However, the price mostly depends on features, technologies, accessories, and overall design more so than on its weight. Some more popular brands could also be pricier than those that aren’t as well-known.

In most cases, the price has a lot to do with overall quality and reliability, though that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you’re just paying for the big name of the brand in question more than for the actual unit.

For this reason, you should always check customer reviews where people talk about the product. This can help you figure out if the cleaner is worth the price.

Budget is something we all have to keep in mind, but try not to let price affect your decision-making as much.

Now if you’re still on a budget, then check out our top picks for affordable vacuums.


A canister vacuum can be quite versatile if it has height adjustment settings allowing it to clean both bare floors and carpets. Upright vacuums and other types might also have height adjustment.

This is something you have to think about before making the final decision. What type of floors you have in your home/apartment? Choose a unit accordingly and make sure it has adequate attachments for the particular surface.

If you have combined floors, you should look for a cleaner that has height adjustment settings and at least two suction modes. Also, make sure that all its motorized tools can be shut off so that they don’t damage the delicate surface of hardwood and other bare floors.


Pets can make it tricky to clean different floor surfaces, so make sure to consider that before opting for a particular cleaner. Luckily, most brands have specified models that are designed specifically for pet owners.

These vacs have strong suction and come with specialized tools that help tackle the persistent hairs, kibble, litter, and other such messes.

For example, you want a canister vacuum that has specialized tools and reliable filters. It should be able to pick up and trap all the dirt and dander pets leave behind.

These models tend to be the best lightweight vacuums for pet owners because they’re typically quite convenient for spot-cleaning. Imagine dragging a heavy and bulky vac each time your dog/cat splatters its dry food or leaves some extra hair on your sofa. A unit that lightweight and maybe even convertible into handheld is a far better option.


As you can see, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t always have to be heavy in order to be efficient. Some of the best vacs on the market are lightweight and compact.

Some of the most popular units are sticks that are almost always quite lightweight and easy to work with. In most cases, they also convert into handheld vacuums, making them even more convenient.

A lightweight cleaner is an excellent option for elderly people and those that have large areas to clean several times a week. Nobody likes pulling and pushing a heavy vac, so you might want to consider some of the lightweight options we discussed above.

These differ in specifications, size, and canister capacity, but are all lightweight and easy to maneuver with. Take a moment to think about your needs and preferences and use the info from our buyer’s guide to choose the best lightweight vacuum cleaner.

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