Best Lightweight Vacuums for Elderly

As we know, it can be a struggle for the elderly when it comes to cleaning, especially when it comes to vacuuming. 

In most cases, vacuums are bulky and heavy, which tends to make it impossible for seniors to use them. The only applicable solution is to find a lightweight vacuum that’s easy to use. 

Luckily, some of the best vacuum cleaners are lightweight and equally as efficient as their heavier counterparts. Still, there are a few things you should pay attention to regardless of whether you’re a senior or you’re shopping for a senior family member. 

Heavier vacuums are nearly impossible for elderly people to use, especially across larger surfaces and stairs. For this reason, you should look for something more lightweight. 

Take a few minutes to read the article below as we’ve prepared a little buyer’s guide and reviewed a few models to help you find the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for the elderly.

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Top Rated Lightweight Vacuums for the Elderly

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus UH70120

Although this one looks rather bulky and large, it weighs only 16.5 pounds. This is fairly lightweight for an upright, and thanks to another few of its features, the Hoover WindTunnel UH70120 is as easy to use. 

Hoover’s WindTunnel technology does most of the job by creating enough suction that lifts both small and large particles. It removes surface debris as well as embedded dirt, pet hair, dust, and pollen. 

It features a HEPA filter that traps up to 99.7% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns. This makes it ideal for elderly people who are prone to allergies and sensitive to dust. 

It has five height adjustments and comes with a crevice tool, extension wand, upholstery tool, power hand tool, and a dusting brush. 

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus UH70120


  • Filtration: HEPA
  • Power Cable Length: 25 ft
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs


  • 25′ retractable cord 
  • No-Scuff bumper included 
  • 8′ stretch hose 


  • The system check indicator lights up for the smallest things 

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Corded Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner UH70400

If you’re interested in a Hoover vacuum, but you need something even more lightweight, you should check this one. It’s an upright that weighs only 12 pounds. This makes it far easier to maneuver with, especially if you have a large house and stairs. 

The WindTunnel technology helps to pick up more on an initial pass. It picks up and removes embedded dirt and dust as well as surface debris. On top of that, it works equally as well on carpets and hard floors, although it doesn’t have height adjustment settings. 

This one has a Quick-Fit hose that releases the handle, allowing you to attach the hose for above-floor cleaning. Plus, its intuitive power controls are ideal for elderly people since they add more to the general ease of use. 

The vacuum comes with a carry handle, a 3-in-1 combination tool, and an on/off brush roll. 

Hoover WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright Corded Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner UH70400


  • Filtration: HEPA
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Cable Length: 30 ft


  • 30′ power cord 
  • HEPA filter 
  • No-scuff bumper


  • No height adjustments 

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This Eureka is among the best choices for people who need an easy-to-use vacuum. It’s lightweight, powerful, and adjustable so that you can go from carpets to hard floors and the other way around. 

It features a dynamic motor and a brush roll that can lift and remove even the most persistent and stubborn debris. Its nozzle measures 12.6”, allowing you to clean larger areas faster. 

This one weighs only 10 pounds and is quite easy to maneuver with. It has five height adjustment settings so that you can switch between hard floors, shag rugs, area rugs, and tile. 

It’s a bagless vacuum with a 4.1L dust cup that doesn’t require such frequent emptying. On top of that, it comes with a quick-release handle, stretch hose, 7” crevice tool, upholstery tool, and a dusting brush. 

Eureka PowerSpeed Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


  • Extended Hose Reach: 7 ft
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Cord Length: 25 ft


  • Smooth wheels 
  • 25′ power cord 
  • Washable filter 


  • Very loud 

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Swivel Steering HV302

Shark Rocket HV302 is a stick vacuum that’s lightweight, slim, and easy to use. It’s also quite simple to store away since it’s thin and doesn’t take up much space. 

The most important thing to mention is that this one converts into a handheld. This is particularly useful for elderly people because it makes it easier to spot-clean and maintain above-floor surfaces. 

Plus, it weighs only 8 pounds when used as a stick and even less when used as a handheld. Its fingertip controls eliminate the need for bending, which is also quite crucial for seniors. 

The vacuum cleaner has an 8.5” cleaning path and swivel steering for easier maneuverability across different surfaces. It’s easy to use around furniture and other obstacles as well. 

It comes with a Home and Car Detail Kit packed with different tools for small and tight areas.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Swivel Steering HV302


  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.42 qt
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Cord Length: 25 ft


  • 25′ power cord 
  • 2-in-1 design 
  • Lightweight and easy to use 


  • Long pet hairs will get stuck in the brush 

See more information on the Shark Rocket HV302 in our review.

Hikeren 12000 PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This Hikeren stick vacuum cleaner has strong suction and is quite easy to use. It sports some 12000PA of suction with 120W of power thanks to its two-mode motor. The low power is strong enough for most household tasks, while the high-power mode is more suitable for embedded dirt and heavy-duty messes. 

It features a 180° swivel design and a folding handle that makes it easier to reach under furniture. On top of that, this is a cordless vacuum, so you get unlimited reach to vacuum across different floors, stairs, and above-floor surfaces. 

It has LED lights that are ideal for seniors as they help you locate dirt spots and messes in low-light conditions. It’s equipped with a 2500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts some 40 minutes on low power. On high power mode, you get some thirty minutes of run time. 

Hikeren 12000 PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • Charge Time: 3-4h
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs
  • Run Time: 40 min


  • Durable ABS plastic 
  • Flexible 2-in-1 design 
  • Two suction modes 


  • Emptying is a bit tricky 

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum XL-618A

This Moosoo is a cordless and bagless vacuum for the elderly. It’s battery-powered, and you get about 20 to 35 minutes of run time on standard suction mode. This should be enough for most of your cleaning tasks, regardless of the floor surface. 

It converts into a handheld, making it easier to clean furniture, curtains, stairs, windowsills, and other above-floor surfaces. It’s also suitable for spot-cleaning and quick cleanups. 

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-efficiency cyclone and a HEPA filtration system. The combination creates a high-speed airflow that removes all kinds of particles from the air. It picks up and traps even the tiniest allergens and pollen. 

Another thing that’s particularly important to seniors is that it weighs only 3.3 pounds. It comes with a motorized brush, 2-in-1 brush, aluminum alloy tube, cleaning tool, and a wall bracket.

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum XL-618A


  • Filtration: HEPA
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • Run Time: 35 min


  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Lightweight 2-in-1 design 
  • HEPA filtration 


  • Small dust bin 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

V10 Motorhead is one of the best Dyson vacuums. It’s a cordless stick, which is a type proven to be the most convenient for most seniors. 

It’s a battery-operated vacuum that provides some 60 minutes of continuous suction power. It has three suction modes, though, and you only get 20 minutes in high-power. Still, it takes less than 3.5 hours to charge before first use. 

The vacuum cleaner has a direct drive head that’s ideal for carpeted areas, extracting even the most embedded dirt and pet hair. It’s powered by the Dyson digital motor V10 that helps keep the suction power at its peak. 

This one converts into a handheld and comes with a combination tool, wall dock, crevice tool, and a charger. It’s fully sealed and traps all the allergens so that they don’t end up in your breathing space. 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • Charging Time: 3.5h
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Run Time: 60 min


  • Converts into a handheld 
  • Lightweight design (5 pounds) 
  • For carpets and hard floors


  • It cannot be locked on (trigger release handle) 

A detailed overview of the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute can be found here.

Shark ZS351 Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology

Shark ZS351 is a cleaner from the manufacturer’s Rocket collection that includes some of the best and most popular lightweight vacuums. It’s easy to use, especially for seniors, since it comes with the Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll that works to remove the pet hairs it picks up. 

It’s suitable for thick and plush carpets, extracting even the most persistent and stubborn debris and particles. However, it works well on bare floors as well, so it’s a good option for combined flooring. 

This one comes with a large dust cup, meaning that it doesn’t require frequent emptying. Instead, it provides a more extended performance, allowing you to clean larger areas at once. 

It turns into a handheld with just a push of a button. This makes it easy to clean above-floor surfaces and small messes. 

Shark ZS351 Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology


  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.74 qt
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Cord Length: 30 ft


  • Swivel steering 
  • Works as a stick and handheld 
  • Self-cleaning brush 


  • It’s loud 

Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram

This Bissell is a cordless vacuum cleaner that provides some 40 minutes of run time. In most cases, that’s enough to complete most cleaning tasks regardless of the floor surfaces. 

It’s lightweight and compact, weighing only 7.75 pounds. Although it’s not the lightest Bissell vacuum, it’s still quite lightweight and easy to use for young and seniors. 

This one allows multi-surface cleaning thanks to its innovative power foot design. It has a brush roll that picks up more on an initial pass so that you can complete the task faster. 

On top of that, the vacuum has swivel steering and can lay flat on the floor. This makes it easy to clean around and under furniture and other obstacles. Plus, this one has LED lights, which is usually pretty useful for seniors. 

Bissell Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green Air Ram


  • Tank Capacity: 0.6 l
  • Weight: 7.75 lbs
  • Run Time: 40 min


  • 40 minutes of battery life 
  • For all floor surfaces 
  • Great for hard-to-reach areas 


  • Battery life reduces over time 

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner SD20000RED

Simpli-Stick is a 3-in-1 vacuum that works as a stick, handheld, and an extended hand vacuum. It’s bagless, featuring a 0.35L dust cup that’s easy to empty. However, it’s corded and has a 16′ power cord. 

Because it’s so versatile, the vacuum is simple to use regardless of the floor surface. It’s also suitable for above-floor surfaces, curtains, upholstery, stairs, and other similar areas. 

Keep in mind that this is one of the lightest vacuums. It weighs only a little less than 4 pounds, which is ideal for seniors and people who are prone to back pain. 

It has a washable filter that prolongs its overall use and enhances the cost-efficiency when it comes to maintenance. Let the filter dry for at least 24h before you put it back in the vacuum. 

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner SD20000RED


  • Dirt Cup Capacity: 0.35 l
  • Weight: 3.74 lbs
  • Cord Length: 16 ft


  • On-board crevice tool 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to empty and store away 


  • Short power cord (16′) 

Our complete guide through the most popular Dirt Devil vacuums can be found here.

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot

Roomba is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a vacuum to maintain your floors. It’s not a replacement for a full-sized vacuum, but it’s a great solution for elderly people who cannot vacuum multiple times a week. 

Roomba does most of the work on its own. It’s equipped with powerful suction, picking up even the most embedded particles. On top of that, it automatically increases the suction with Power Boost for those areas that are a little dirtier. 

The patented iAdapt 2.0 Navigation combined with vSLAM technology helps the robot to map your house so that it can clean all areas equally. It has a three-stage cleaning system and multi-surface rubber brushes. 

Roomba is a battery-powered vacuum that runs for some 120 minutes. It automatically recharges and goes back to where it left off. 

iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot


  • Filtration: HEPA
  • Weight: 8.7 lbs
  • Run Time: 120 min


  • Connects to Alexa and Google Assistant 
  • Scheduling and monitoring via Home App 
  • HEPA filter 


  • Small dust bin capacity 

Choosing The Best Lightweight Vacuum for Seniors

While weight is among the most critical things to consider, there are a few other factors to pay attention to when buying a vacuum for seniors. 

Stay tuned as we review some of the most critical buying factors. The information below can help you choose the ideal vacuum cleaner for your needs. 

Weight & Ergonomic Design

Weight and design are probably the two most critical things to look into. Elderly people often can’t push or pull heavy and bulky vacuums, so you should pay attention to this factor. 

When it comes to weight, make sure that the vacuum for your choice is lighter than 20 pounds. Luckily, most models are even lighter than that, and you can find some that are around 5 pounds. Go for what you consider comfortable considering the time you spend using the vacuum. 

Make sure that it’s also ergonomically designed. It helps with the overall ease of use, especially if you have a large house. An ergonomically designed vacuum is more comfortable to use for an extended period. 

Ease of Use

Ease of use depends on many things, from the design and weight to features and suction. It also depends on the type of floors you have because some vacuums are too powerful to push across plush carpets, for example. 

Look for a vacuum that’s lightweight and easy to maintain. Regardless of whether it’s bagged or bagless, it should be easy to empty and keep clean. On top of that, its functions should be straightforward and easy to understand. 


In most cases, lightweight and slim vacuums are the best for seniors who struggle with storage space. These vacuums are easy to fit in tight spaces like behind doors and between walls and shelves. 

It’s an important thing to look into because bulky vacuums can be very challenging to store for nearly every senior. 

Powerful Suction

Suction is essentially what gets the job done, so make sure that the vacuum of your choice is powerful enough. Elderly people usually do better with vacuums that have adjustable suction power. This gives them the ability to use the vacuum for different surfaces, adjusting it to fit their needs.


As you noticed, most cleaners have a HEPA filter as it’s the most efficient option. It’s often the recommended filter to people who are prone to allergies and are generally sensitive to dust. 

However, make sure that the cleaner of your choice has a sealed system so that all the dust is safely secured inside the machine. 

Cord / Cordless

It’s hard to tell which of the two is more convenient since that mostly depends on your needs and preferences. If you opt for a corded one, make sure that the cable is long and retractable. On the other hand, a cordless vacuum should provide enough battery life (at least 30 minutes) for you to clean the entire home. 

Bagged / Bagless

Bagged cleaners are usually more suitable for allergy-prone people and sensitive seniors. However, these aren’t the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly because the bags are often not reusable and a bit pricey. 

Bagless cleaners are more eco-friendly, but they tend to release some of the collected dust during the emptying process.


Warranty is always critical regardless of the type of vacuum you’re going for. It’s something you should carefully consider because longer warranty deals often indicate that the manufacturer is confident in its product. 

Nonetheless, take all deals with a grain of salt. In most cases, they only cover for damage caused by faulty materials and manufacturing. 


Elderly people often struggle to understand certain accessories. For this reason, your vacuum of choice should come with only a few of the simplest attachments such as a crevice tool and dusting brush. 

All the accessories it comes with should be simple to use, attach and remove from the vacuum. 

On/Off Switch Placement 

Vacuum cleaners for the elderly should have fingertip controls. This means that there’s no need to bend in order to use some of its functions and features. 

With this said, make sure that its on/off switch is placed within hands reach. This is equally as important for younger people as well, especially if they’re prone to back pain. 

Health Conditions

The truth is that certain health conditions make it rather hard to use some vacuum cleaners. This is something you should carefully consider before making your final purchase. 

If you (or an elderly person in your family) suffer from arthritis, for example, you should only look for a lightweight vacuum. Filtration is also quite important if you’re prone to allergies. 

Vacuum Types

Some vacuum types are more comfortable to use, especially when it comes to elderly people with certain health conditions. However, you should consider each type as they all have unique features and specifications that you might benefit from. 

Take a moment to read about each type and whether it’s a good option for seniors. 


Sticks are usually lightweight and easy to use. In most cases, these cleaners are cordless, which can be even more beneficial to some seniors. However, if you’re opting for a cordless, make sure that it has at least 30 minutes of battery life. 

On top of that, sticks are convertible and can typically be used as handhelds as well. 

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Nearly every upright vacuum appears very bulky and heavy. However, they’re not all like that since some of the lightest vacuum cleaners for the elderly are upright. 

If this is the type you’re interested in, make sure that it’s lightweight, ergonomically designed, and easy to maintain. 

More info: Top Rated Upright Models


Canisters can be very straightforward and lightweight, but they can also be quite heavy and challenging to use depending on how heavy they are. 

All canisters are corded, so make sure that you have enough cord length to cover your floors. Also, it should have a few of the accessories we mentioned above.

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A robot vacuum might be the best option for elderly people who can’t use a full-size vacuum as often. These vacuums operate on their own, mapping your house and avoiding obstacles with minimal assistance on your part. 

However, robots can only do so much, and you’ll have to use a full-size vacuum at some point.

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This is another useful type that’s elderly people like using. Handhelds are ideal for spot-cleaning and small messes regardless of the floor surface. However, these are also great for above-floor surfaces, upholstery, stairs, and curtains. 

As we mentioned, some sticks and uprights convert into handhelds, which is an excellent option if you’re looking for something more versatile. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best vacuum for arthritis sufferers?

A: Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Rewind Plus UH70120 is among the best vacuums for arthritis sufferers. It features Hoover’s unique WindTunnel technology that helps pick up more on an initial pass. On top of that, it weighs only 16 pounds and is bagless. 


What’s the best vacuum cleaner for a bad back?

A: For the bad back, you should look for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that has fingertip controls. Hoover WindTunnel Air UH70400 vacuum cleaner is a good option to consider in this case as it weighs only 12 pounds. 

It’s an upright with a quick-release handle that makes it easy to use it as a portable vacuum as well. 


What vacuum is easy to maneuver?

A: Ease of maneuverability depends on weight as well as the health conditions that an elderly person has. Cleaners that have swivel steering are usually the easiest to maneuver with. However, make sure that the vacuum is also easy to use and empty. 


Figuring out which are the best vacuum cleaners might appear a bit challenging. However, the key is in considering all the buying factors before you opt for any particular cleaner. 

Every senior person wants to clean their house easily and without too much hassle. For this reason, you should look for a lightweight vacuum cleaner that’s designed to do the job easily. Its features and specifications should help the purpose without making the vacuum too complicated. 

At this point, we’re sure that you’ve picked at least one cleaner from the ones we reviewed above. If not, make sure to go back to our buyer’s guide as the information we included can be very helpful when buying a cleaner for a senior person. 

Again, weight and design should be your top priority. For this reason, avoid heavier cleaners and go for a cleaner that’s lightweight and straightforward. 

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