Shark NV501 vs. NV500 Comparison for 2020

Vacuuming should be quick and easy, and for that, you need a reliable vacuum cleaner. If you’ve got an upright vacuum cleaner in mind, you should definitely look at the Shark NV500 and NV501. 

Shark is the best when it comes to upright vacuum as it offers many quality models. The two models we’ll talk about have innovative technologies and special features designed to make the cleaning process easy. 

This series has been the best-selling on the market thanks to unique specifications and outstanding performance these vacuums have. Models nv500 and nv501 are convenient, versatile, powerful and effective. 

So, what’s the difference? Surprisingly, they are very similar to one another with just a few differences. If you want to experience simple cleaning, Shark is a good way to go. One of these models might be the best thing for you, so it’s just a matter of discovering which one suits you the best. Below are the similarities and differences with NV500 vs N501.

Differences in NV5011 vs NV501


These two look quite similar at first glance since they’re both upright vacuums. The nv500 comes in white and red combination while the nv501is white with green, red, or purple details. They don’t have bags but large transparent canisters at the top.  

The size and weight are probably the biggest differences. The nv501 is somewhat larger of the two measuring 45.7×12.1×12.2 inches in total. It weighs approximately 15.5 pounds. The nv500 measures 29.7×15.1×13.2 inches and weighs about 21.1 pounds.  

It’s interesting that one is larger and the other is heavier. However, keep in mind that the difference in size isn’t as big as the difference in weight.  

Also, both models come with Lift-away design that allows easier cleaning. Simply press the button to lift the canister and vacuum all the hard-to-reach and tight areas. This is ideal for vacuuming stairs as well as ceilings as you don’t have to lift and carry the entire unit. 


Think about the dimensions and weight we just discussed. They are considered lightweight by most people but whether these are portable enough for you is a matter of your preference. For older people and those suffering from some back problems, these might still be too heavy to maneuver with.  

Both come with a 30-foot power cord, so you don’t have to keep unplugging and plugging them as you move around your house. 

Unfortunately, neither features built-in wheels for when in canister mode although customers complained about this already. However, they didn’t ignore us completely. Instead, the manufacturer included an optional caddy with the nv500 to help you move the unit around. The caddy has four caster wheels that rotate 360 degrees. 

Their swivel technology makes it easy to maneuver around furniture and different obstacles. They feature a power nozzle with LED light allowing you to clean even in some dark areas under and behind your furniture.


These two have excellent suction power making them suitable for all kinds of hard and soft floors. The ‘never loses suction’ technology gives them the continuous power to tackle some of the dirtiest areas with ease. 

Both come with HEPA filtration and anti-allergen complete seal technology. This traps everything from tiny dust particles, debris, dirt, and other allergens. The air in your home will be cleaner which is ideal for allergy prone people and houses with pets.  

A high-quality motorized brush roll is featured with both models. This allows thorough cleaning of deep carpeting, and you can turn the feature off when there’s no need for it. 

The difference lies in the fact that one is a 3-in-1 while another is a 2-in-1 vacuum. The nv500 is a powerful upright, a canister vacuum, and a lift-away pod. The nv501 is an upright vacuum that can also be a lift-away for more convenient cleaning. 


This is something these two are quite different in. Tools and attachments can often make or break a deal since they bring versatility and convenience to the table. The nv500 comes with a multi-tool, power brush, 18’’ Flexi crevice tool, canister caddy, and a straight suction nozzle. You can also get a premium power brush that’s ideal for pet owners.  

The nv501 comes with a 5’’ dusting brush, large turbo brush, 12’’ crevice tool, multi-angle brush, and a straight suction nozzle.  

As you can see, they share similar tools but of different sizes. Combine these accessories with the suction power they feature, and you’ll see why these two are so popular.  

Which one is the winner in terms of accessories is up to you to decide depending on what you think you’d need the most.  

Power Brush

There’s only one attachment that one has, and the other doesn’t. Though they come with similar tools, the nv501 comes with a premium power brush that’s not included with the nv500.  

It’s a turbo brush that’s especially handy for dirty areas and patches of concentrated dirt. The power brush picks up all kinds of dirt off of different flooring. Plus, it’s ideal for pet hair that gets stuck in dense and thick carpets.  

This brush is often a winner for people with pets. Plus, it’s ideal if you don’t have the habit of taking off your shoes. This tool helps clean even the most persistent debris and dust. 

Which Shark Rotator Should You Purchase?

What’s most important is that both models feature the well-known Shark quality. They are durable, reliable and an overall wise investment. 

The nv500 is a 3-in-1 vacuum that’s smaller but heavier from the two. It features some handy tools and attachments and comes with a caddy for easier portability. It does a great job at picking up dirt and dust from all kinds of flooring, both hard and soft. Overall, it’s an easy-to-use vacuum that you can pick up to clean hard-to-reach areas.  

The nv501 is a 2-in-1 vac that’s significantly lighter than the nv500. For this reason, it’s a little easier to maneuver with if you’re prone to back pain or have a relatively large house. It comes with several useful attachments one of which is the powerful premium brush tool. This allows it to tackle some of the dirtiest areas of your home and it’s especially handy if you have pets. However, it doesn’t come with any wheels to use when in canister mode so you’ll have to carry it.  

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