What to Do if The Shark Vacuum Brush is Not Spinning

Shark vacuum cleaners are by far one of the most popular models on the market. Each model is well-made, always living up to our expectations.

However, things happen as we vacuum and sometimes different issues occur. One of the things that happen after a while of using is brush roll not spinning.

Luckily, this isn’t a significant problem, but in most cases an easily fixable one. The brush roll is easy to access and for this reason, easy to maintain.

Most often, you don’t need much experience or skills to fix this issue. Still, make sure you’re operating only when the vacuum is plugged out

Take some time to read below the troubleshooting we’ve prepared for you in case the brush roll of your Shark has stopped.

What if The Brush Stops Rolling?

Rollerbrush Switch is Off

Check if the vacuum is switched to the right mode. The device has to be in the Power and Brushroll mode for the roller to spin, otherwise it won’t work.

The brush only spins when the vacuum is slightly tilted back. Now the brush roll indicator light should be green. If it’s still not working, you may need to replace the switch that detects if the device is tilted back.

Debris on The Brush

You should remove debris after each use to prevent build up. Stuff that usually stops the brush roll is string or hair that restricts movement of the brush roll.

Use scissors to cut these from the roller, but make sure the vacuum is unplugged before you do so.

Remove Debris from the Brush

Disengaged Nozzle

The nozzle has to be correctly attached to the roller brush for everything to work. Even if your vacuum is on, it won’t work if the nozzle isn’t connected.

Press down on the handle to make sure everything’s connected. If it’s still now working, unplug the device and disconnect the nozzle to clean it up of debris and blockages. Reconnect the nozzle again and turn on the vacuum.

Broken Belt

There’s a belt that spins the roller brush, and it can sometimes break. If you’ve checked all the solutions above, and the brush still isn’t moving, the belt might be broken.

However, the vacuum might not work even if the belt is just worn out. If you notice any signs of that, it’s recommended you replace the belt.

Contact a Technician

Contact a Technician

Once you go through all of the above and the issue remains, it’s time you call a technician. This is often the last solution because most problems with Shark vacuums are easily fixable.

Still, there might be a more significant problem causing your brush not to spin, and a technician would probably know how to help.


As you can see, this is an issue you can quickly solve within minutes. The brush roll is mostly stopped by lots of hair, a toothpick or whatever strings that roll around the brush causing build up.

A good way to prevent this is to clean it out after each use. Looking after and maintaining your vacuum ensures its longevity and prolongs its lifespan.

Whatever has stopped your brush roll, it’s probably within your hands reach. Don’t be afraid to flip it and check for what caused it to stop. Again, make sure the vacuum is unplugged, and you’re safe.

Read the troubleshooting above and save it for future reference in case the problem reappears.

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